Staff Coaching


People join organisations, but they leave their manager. The quality of the manager – team member relationship is critical to business success. 

People who have strong relationships with their manager are less likely to leave (40%); more able to adapt to change (80%); are more likely to be engaged in their work and therefore more likely to give discretionary effort (125%)



improvement is a process

Because improvement is a process, not an event, the key to sustaining any performance and capability uplift is through ongoing coaching.

Bowerbase’ Coaching App has been specially designed to make coaching easy and extraordinarily powerful:

  • Collects all coaching data
  • Sorts it as needed
  • Actions any specific item
  • Report it to any template
  • Cloud based for easy access anywhere
  • Easy to use (the App features slider controls and On-Off buttons to automate and simplify routine tasks)
  • Accessible via any device – Mobile, Tablet, PC


so easy to use

And so easy to use, a coaching session can be undertaken in 10 minutes with sliding controls that record the key elements of coaching conversations. 

Manage your team to the specific competencies that define high performance, and track development of those competencies over time.

This takes the personal discomfort out of coaching and makes it a desired journey of personal and professional development.


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With Bowerbase Coach, you take control of Staff Coaching